Power BI

More and more business are requiring vast amounts of data to make informed decisions on managing their day to day activities. Most information systems, like ERPs come with reporting and analytics built-in, but in most situations these components do not meet the requirements of the organisations.

Organisations are being forced to find ways to extract this data, transform and combine with data from other systems, load this converted data into an alternative data source and then use this data to produce more meaningful insights. Often each of these steps would require separate applications or time consuming and resource intensive workarounds with the outcome still not meeting expectations.

With Power BI most of these challenges are overcome by providing the capability to connect to a vast array of data source then transforming and combining the data into usable structures. This data is then loaded directly into Power BI and can be presented using the stunning visuals available within the application. Get in touch to see how you can get started with Power BI.

Mauritius Elections See an example of Power BI in action

Office 365

Two of the fundamental components of a productive modern enterprise are collabortion and communication, with productivity being the driving force of any organisation it stands to reason that this is an area most companies should look at investing.

Office 365 provides the tools necessary to bring collaboration and communication to each individual in any organisation making them more productive and by extension this enhances the productivity of the organisation. This is achieved through enterprise grade communication utilitizing Exchange, Skype for Business/Teams and Outlook, both in the office and when on the move, collaboration is achieved with features like Onedrive for Business, SharePoint, Office Apps and Teams. All of this package with complaince guaranteed security, and it doesn't stop there.

If you would like to learn more to not hesitate to reach out to get a comprehensive demo of the benefits of Office 365 to see how it can enhance your organisation's productivity.


Perhaps you just want to look at ways to optimize your processes to make use of the tools. We offer more the technical services and we can help you set up end to end processes to help you run your business more efficiently.

Our main expertise is on the technical aspects but we can help set up systems like ERP, CRM, Accounting packages, HR systems, Websites to name a few but we can also help you in adapting the way you work to make optimal use of these tools. We even partner with a graphic designer and can assist with you marketing and design needs. We also specialize in helping companies enhance their social presence to make use of this channel.

If you have a specific need that you would like to explore just get in touch with us and we will advice if and how we can help, we enjoy working closely with organisations to find solutions to make them reach thier objectives.


Microsoft Azure is perhaps the most comprehensive Cloud solution on the market, with over hundreds of services there is something for every business to help them grow.

This website you are browsing is currently running on Azure, after days of designing we were able to publish our website in minutes making of use of app services in Azure. This is perhaps one of the simplest ways Azure can help you grow your business but there are so many possibilities, like running virtual machines in Azure, or just a database, anything you need to do with your infrastructure there is likely a cost effective way to do it with Azure.

If you are ready to take your digital transformation to the cloud you need to consider leveraging the power of Azure, get in touch to learn more.