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Founded in June 2019 by Dario Corentin, we are Technology Consultancy who aim to empower business of all size to achieve or exceed their objectives by providing best in class tools and providing business insights that enable them to measure progress and make informed decisions

Who is Dario Corentin? Our founder graduated from the University of Botswana with a BSc in Computer Science in 2003 and moved back to Mauritius that same year having spend 23 years in Southern Africa. In 2004 he started his professional journey in the world of Information Technology and after 15 years of gaining invaluable knowledge and experience with various organisation including 2 of the largest tech companies, Cisco and Microsoft, an idea was born in that organisation of any size should be able to leverage these kinds of technology traditionally believed to be only suited to larger companies. This led to the creation of DC Tech Services.

DC Tech Services was formed with the aims of leveraging the advancement in cloud technology to engage with any business who is ready to make enhancement with how they leverage technology to make positive strides in their day to day operations.

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