About Our Company

Our Vision is to become an organization that assists business and individuals to be successful

Our Mission is to provide the services and products that enable people and organization to achieve their objectives

Our Objective is to become the number 1 provider of solutions on Microsoft's Power Platform in Mauritius while maintaining progressive growth and providing the best customer and employee satisfaction rates

Our Background and Environment


Founded in June 2019 by Dario Corentin, we are Technology Consultancy who aim to empower business of all size to achieve or exceed their objectives by providing best in class tools and providing business insights that enable them to measure progress and make informed decisions.

It all started with an idea that organisations of any size should be able to leverage these kinds of technology traditionally believed to be only suited to larger companies. This led to the creation of DC Tech Services


In February 2021 we were incorporated as DC Tech Services Ltd with a new corporate structure. We continue to work with organisations of any size and we approach our engagements in a very colaborative manner that keeps our customers included throughout the project span.

Our customers range from large group of companies to NGOs to one man company, all engagements are worthwhile to us, we only achieve our objectives when our customers achieve their goals.